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Thank you for being interested in joining our team and helping build a wildlife hospital for the Northern Rivers. The role and privileges of NRWH members are laid out in the NRWH Constitution. Please read the constitution prior to submitting your application. CLICK HERE to download – membership information is highlighted in red.

Please contact our team (click here), prior to applying if you have any questions or concerns about the membership position or application process.

After your application is submitted it will be reviewed by NRWH Board of Directors. If your application is accepted, we will send you the password to access the payment page. Membership fees are $50 per year and shall be paid securely online by credit card. Membership fees are due within 7 days of application being accepted.

If you wish to apply to become a NRWH Member please proceed to filling in the application form below. Please make sure to press ‘Submit” button at the end of the application.

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